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A one-time band manager, Black continues to work with artists including filmmaker Jake Davis and the photographer Mikael Kennedy.

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His publishing projects include the forthcoming "Evel Comes to Cooperville," featuring never-before-seen photographs of an Evel Knievel motorcycle jump in Oklahoma. Shopping Cart 0 Items in Cart. Available, ships in days. Description - I Know You Think You Know It All by Chris Black The Jerk can be spotted from a block away in most any city today, devoted to the latest microtrends, sure that he is an influencer, never knowing he is mostly just being influenced. Often seen with others who share a similar look and viewpoint, he does not have a clue how to march even to the beat of his own drummer.

He spends his time in what he thinks is his refined circle, whether in real life or online, and always knows "the best", be it clothing, coffee, or culture. He is rarely without an opinion and doubts his even less.

He is largely without humor when the mirror is turned upon him. We've all seen and heard this type of guy in public and on social media- the classic jerk who thinks he always knows best.

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However, by 's Too Low for Zero , the two renewed their partnership on a full-time basis and from that point forward Taupin was again John's primary lyricist. John often works with other lyricists on specific theatrical or film projects such as 's The Lion King and 's Aida , both of which featured lyrics by Tim Rice. Bernie Taupin on writing the lyrics for " Candle in the Wind " [10].

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The process is still fundamentally the same, with John composing to Taupin's words, but the two interact on songs far more today, with Taupin joining John in the studio as the songs are written and occasionally during recording sessions. Taupin and John had their first Broadway musical open in March with Lestat: On 25 March , Taupin made a surprise appearance at John's 60th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden , briefly discussing their year songwriting partnership.

Taupin and John also composed several songs for The Union , a collaboration album between Elton and his longtime hero Leon Russell released in October They also collaborated on five original songs for the Miramax movie Gnomeo and Juliet , including the Golden Globe -nominated "Hello Hello".

The duo collaborated on their 31st studio album, " The Diving Board ," which was released in September Their next studio album, " Wonderful Crazy Night ," was released in February In , he co-wrote the album From the Inside with Alice Cooper. Taupin has also produced American Gothic for singer-songwriter David Ackles. Released in , it did not enjoy big sales, but the album was highly acclaimed by music critics in the US and UK.

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Taupin and Ackles had become acquainted when Ackles was selected to be the co-headlining act for Elton John's American debut at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Taupin was mentioned specifically as being one of the reasons American Gothic was selected by the writers and editors for inclusion in the book, Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. He also collaborated on the book Burning Cold with photographer Gary Bernstein. The song was the title track of the first album from Taupin's band Farm Dogs see below. The latter song, a duet between Nelson and Lee Ann Womack , was made into a video and released as the album's first single.

The song won the Grammy for best vocal collaboration in country music. In , he co-wrote Courtney Love 's song "Uncool", from her debut solo album America's Sweetheart. The music of the song was composed by Argentine producer and songwriter Gustavo Santaolalla. In , Taupin recorded a spoken-word album entitled Taupin , in which he recites some of his early poems against a background of impromptu, sitar-heavy music created by some members of Elton's band, including Davey Johnstone and Caleb Quaye.

At 90, 'Fiddler' Lyricist Tells His Story

Side One is entitled "Child" and contains poems about his early childhood in southern Lincolnshire. The first poem, "The Greatest Discovery," which looks at his birth from the perspective of his older brother Tony, was also set to music by Elton John and included on Elton's eponymous second album, Elton John. There are poems about Taupin's first two childhood homes, Flatters and Rowston Manor, and others about his relationship with his brother and grandfather. Side Two includes a variety of poems of varying obscurity, from a marionette telling her own story to a rat catcher who falls victim to his prey.

The album failed to make a dent in the charts. Taupin later suggested in interviews that he didn't have the creative control he would have liked over the album. In , he recorded another album entitled Tribe. The songs were co-written with Martin Page. Videos of both singles featured Rene Russo , the sister of Toni, his wife at that time.

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In , Taupin formed a band called Farm Dogs, [15] whose two albums were conscious and successful throwbacks to the grittier, earthier sound of Tumbleweed Connection. While Taupin wrote the lyrics, the music was a collaborative effort among the band members. Their first album, 's Last Stand in Open Country , received critical praise but little airplay. In , Farm Dogs released its second and final album, Immigrant Sons.

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The album was unsuccessful despite a tour of small clubs across America. In addition to the lyrics from the albums, this book contained the lyrics to all the single B-sides, various rarities, and Taupin's spoken-word album.

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  • Bernie Taupin reflects on 50 years of working with Elton John — and why their songs have endured.
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The songs are illustrated by various artists, friends, and celebrity guests such as John Lennon and Joni Mitchell. The now-collectible book was published in hard and soft cover editions by Penguin Books. It collects the better part of one year's worth of personal adventures and memories of Elton and the band, aboard his private plane, on the beaches of Barbados, at backstage gatherings and in some quieter off-stage moments with friends including some famous faces that Elton and Bernie met and palled around with in their travels. In , Taupin published an autobiography of his childhood entitled A Cradle of Haloes: Sketches of a Childhood.

It tells the tale of a childhood fuelled by fantasy in rural Lincolnshire in the s and s, ending in as Taupin gets on the train to seek his fortune in London. The Complete Lyrics , published by Hyperion. However, it doesn't appear that Taupin was intimately involved in this project, as it contains multiple misspellings and outright misrenderings of the lyrics.

It is also missing some of the rarities and B-sides found in the earlier collection. As with the collection, the songs are illustrated by various artists, this time in full colour throughout.