The Divine Trinity

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A group of three individuals: References in periodicals archive? The Church teaches that Jesus is the son of God and was not conceived through sexual intercourse but by the power of the Holy Spirit, one part of the divine trinity.


Pope publishes new book, finishes trilogy. The Church teaches that Jesus was the son of God and was not conceived through sexual intercourse but by the power of the Holy Spirit, one part of the divine trinity. Pope's third book on Jesus reaffirms virgin birth.

7 Bible verses supporting the Trinity!!!

According to the Hindu legend, Rama was born as an incarnation of Vishnu a part of the divine trinity of Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara - creator, protector, and destroyer. Rama Navami being celebrated across India with religious fervour. Jesus, Gnosis, and Dogma. The same themes are developed by Hugh in the Sentences on Divinity, a sample of his work that survived as a reportatio, or transcript of classroom teaching, sent by the English monk Lawrence of Durham to the abbot of Rievaulx; in it, Hugh promotes the quest for genuine knowledge of God and of oneself through reflection on the creation of the world, the primordial causes, and the divine Trinity as first cause and final goal of understanding.

Patrick, the tale goes, used it as a symbol to explain the divine trinity to his Irish converts. James doesn't think with Peter's intellect, nor does James choose or command with John's will.

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They are three human persons with three distinct human natures, each with his own individual faculty of knowing and willing. In the divine Trinity, however, while there are three distinct Persons, there is only one divine nature. The inner life of God is that of infinite knowledge and love. God knows infinitely, and loves infinitely; but all three divine Persons know and love with one and the same divine mind and divine will. And, as we shall see, from that infinite inner life of knowing and loving there issues the relationships on which the distinction between the divine Persons is based.

Lest this be a source of confusion as regards Christ, the Redeemer, He is a divine Person having two natures, one divine and one human. It was His human will submitting to the divine will when He said: The Old Testament does contain allusions to the Trinity, but they are so vague that before the coming of Christ no one was aware of their meaning. For example, the plurality of persons is implied in Genesis: And in the triple invocation Isaiah heard the Seraphim cry: Message of Archangel Gabriel: At the baptism of Jesus: Suddenly the sky opened and he saw the Spirit of God descend like a dove and hover over him.

With that, a voice from heaven the Father's said: My favor rests on him' " Mt.

God in Three Persons: A Doctrine We Barely Understand

At the Last Supper: The Scriptures speak of the Father as the creator and source of all things. But he could not have created the Son and the Holy Spirit, otherwise they would be creatures, and not God. We know from our faith that they are divine Persons co-equal and co-eternal with the Father. We find the answer to the origin of the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Church's teaching that in God there are two internal divine processions. The word procession is used here to mean the origin of one from another. And we speak of "internal" processions - referring to the inner life of God, as opposed to "external" procession, which refers to God's action in regard to creatures.

When we speak of Father and Son in God, we have to keep in mind that God is a pure spirit, having no body. Consequently we must be careful not to confuse generation in God with the use of that term in regard to human generation. But even in human language we speak of conception as a mental process as well as physical. A woman conceives a child. It is in this spiritual sense that we speak of begetting in God.

Light & Life Vol 47 No 3 - The Divine Trinity

God the Father, whose knowledge and capacity of knowing is infinite, contemplates eternally His own divine being, His own divine essence. This living image of Himself which the Father has been begetting from all eternity is a divine Person distinct from the Father. Sharing one and the same divine nature as the Father, He is the Father's only-begotten Son. And we can in a vague way have a mental image in our imagination of the Father of whom our Blessed Lord spoke many times, and whose voice was heard at the baptism and transfiguration of His divine Son.

But the images that the Scriptures give us of the Holy Spirit are only that of a dove at the baptism of our Lord, and of tongues of fire at Pentecost. Yet, the Holy Spirit is a divine Person distinct from the Father and Son, and sharing perfectly their divine nature. Because the SON possesses the infinite perfection of goodness, knowledge, holiness, beauty and power of the Father, both divine Persons behold the infinite lovableness of each other. Yet, it is the function of love to reach out for what is lovable, and to give oneself without reserve to the one loved.

There is a reflection of this in human love. As the Roman Catechism expresses it, the Holy-Spirit "proceeds from the divine will inflamed, as it were, with love.

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So far we have been considering the interior activities, or the inner life, of the three divine Persons. The exterior activities of the Trinity are those, the term of which is outside of God, i. It is the teaching of the Church that all exterior activities of God are common to the three divine Persons.

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Any act of God on the created world is an act of the three divine Persons acting as a single principle. Thomas explains, "to produce any effect in creatures is common to the whole Trinity, by reason of the oneness of their nature; since where there is one nature there must be one power and one operation" III,23,3. The external works of the Blessed Trinity are usually classified under three categories: And even though, as we have just seen, all three divine Persons share in all of these external works, the Scriptures attribute the work of creation to the Father, of redemption to the Son, and of sanctification to the Holy Spirit.