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He was a great human being, a great father to his two children and also a great boss. He was sweet, caring and thoughtful with Danicka as the story progressed and really wonderful with the kids. Danicka was great too. I liked her portrayal. She was smart, strong, independent, but also very stubborn at times. Overall, she was a great heroine. The suspense aspect of the story was pretty lame. I figured out early as the story progressed who is the stalker.

Just lower your expectations an you'll enjoy it more I guess. Also, the story was very predictable. So to be honest nothing really wowed me and everything was kind of forgettable. Overall, just an okay read for me! View all 55 comments. Mar 24, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: Andy is everything I love in a hero. Andy Shaw is a successful sports agent who spends most of his time working.

Andy decides the best way to be home with his kids more is to hire a second agent to partner up with. Andy interviews countless agents, and only one really impresses him. Dani feels forced to leave her current agent job, and luckily enough, Andy Shaw is hiring. Dani and Andy have a bit of a rocky start, but once Dani takes the job, things change. Andy and Dani have a great connection from the start. Dani is a little head strong and an independent woman, and Andy fully respects that.

I loved their dynamic. What I also really loved was seeing Dani with those kids. They needed a mother type figure so badly and I was so happy to see their relationship. Even the Score is a fun and fantastic work place romance. I have to say, I was a little shocked with who was behind all of the drama… view spoiler [I really thought it was her previous employers hide spoiler ].

I really enjoyed listening to the audio book! View all 16 comments. Aug 23, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it Recommends it for: There was care, humor, smart dialogue and pacing with strong characters. The idea for a series of a close knit circle of friends through the years is not a new one but it can be a solid way to draw the readers to feel comfortable and want to know about all of characters over time. This was the sense I got from the start.

With our main couple for this book, they had a past knowledge of each o 3. With our main couple for this book, they had a past knowledge of each other but nothing to warrant concern of inappropriate feeling. Both were in the same field of sports agency and respected by their peers. It took our fella the realization he could not continue at the same pace of non stop work now that he had the responsibility of his two children totally on his shoulders. He made the smart adjustment by bringing in our gal to the agency to lighten his load. This was solely to spend his time with his kids.

What happened with these two being together When people have that special attraction and cannot think of anything else except the one they are attracted to This author knew her stuff and portrayed it well. There was fun banter, hot times made hotter by the slow burn Both characters had concerns of workplace romance and it was worthwhile in showing how difficult it can be as woman in this type of position. There also was a suspenseful element to keep all of the movement happening.

For those who have been readers of this author, I think they will be pleased. For those like me who had not, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did. A gifted copy was provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 25 comments. Aug 28, NMmomof4 marked it as dnf Shelves: Yeah, not for me. I started to want to skim.

even the score

I knew about the stalker by the blurb, but I felt like there was no hope for any type of relationship soon because they are dealing with the stalker drama. I think I can see where it's going though and can make some predictions view spoiler [ the H is going to go all caveman and move her in with him and his kids, they all fall in love including the kids , they find out who the stalker is with some big dramatic event, and then get a HEA hide spoiler ].

I honestly don't really care at this point to find out if I am right or not. Other people might like this, as it is a "slow burn" type of romance and some really like that -- but it just wasn't my cuppa ; View all 32 comments. Oct 11, Wil Loves Books! I listened to the audio book. Christian Fox's voice has become one of my favorites. Anyway, this one is super sweet. Totally in love with Andy and Danicka was a likeable, smart and sassy heroine. I found the stalker storyline to be super predictable. Regardless, I loved this one!

Mar 30, BookLover rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review. I was even more thrilled when I learned we were going to get a story for Andy! Andy felt so much guilt over not getting to spend as mu ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for an honest review. Andy felt so much guilt over not getting to spend as much time as he wanted with this children. He had always come off as a sweet and loving guy.

His new partner, Danicka Douglas, allowed us to see that there was so much more to Andy than met the eye. In that industry, the perception of how a woman could get ahead would be infuriating. This book had a bit of mystery and suspense built in, but at the core, was a sweet slow build of a love story. Beth Ehemann is great a writing sweet romances that are also HOT. They make me smile and swoon.

Pretty sure it was her sleep deprivation talking, I leaned forward and kissed her forehead gently. View all 6 comments. Feb 07, Whitney rated it it was amazing Shelves: He was the perfect catch in Room for You and my love for him grew with every book Ehemann released. Even Viper, with his crude jokes and tats, couldn't top Brody for my book boyfriend of this series. But now, it's with a not-so-heavy-heart that I tell you that Brody has been replaced by Andy Shaw. It will give you some insight on Andy and you won't have to be worried about getting spoiled for the other books.

Andy Shaw is a talented and focused sports agent who manages a lot of famous athletes - like Brody and Viper. With his client listing growing, he finds himself working long hours to the detriment of his kids. Andy is a single dad of two wonderful children. And with a barely there mother, they need him to step up and really be a parent - not just a provider.

That's when he decides to hire a partner to help carry the workload. But he doesn't want just anyone, he wants Danicka Douglas. Dani is growing tired of being a woman in, what feels like, a man's career. Her current employer doesn't seem to take her seriously and wants her to accept a client that has been unprofessional towards her.

So when she hears that Andy Shaw is hiring a partner, she applies and hopes that this is the break she has been working towards. Dani and Andy have a bumpy start, but like I mentioned earlier, Andy will stop at nothing to have Dani at his side. When lines start to blur and a stalker arises, Andy and Dani's professional, and not so professional , relationship takes a hit. Ehemann will blindside you with the twisty turns in this one guys! Dani can't believe she is letting Andy take care of her.

Andy can't believe he is already claiming this woman as his. And the Cranberry Inn gang, and myself, are cheering them on from the sidelines! I'm telling you guys - this is the best one yet! View all 8 comments. Aug 20, Cyndi rated it really liked it Shelves: Andy is a sweetheart and I liked the way their relationship evolved!

Beth Ehemann is such a smart writer. Her stories are always the perfect blend of humor, romance and authentic dialogue between captivating, relatable characters. I'm bias because I happen to think this author is one of the most refreshing writers around so I went in to Even the Score expecting to love it. I was not disappointed. Andy's story definitely feels a bit different from Brody's and Viper's, so if you're expecting more of the same, you'll be in for a surprise. The only things similar are Beth Ehemann is such a smart writer.

The only things similar are the polished writing, the hilarious banter and the delicious romance. Where Brody and Kacie felt light and fun, and Viper and Michelle felt heavier and more emotional, Andy's story falls somewhere in between, with an unexpected suspenseful element thrown in. Even the Score is angsty and heartwarming, emotional and edgy. The build in this story is painstaking, the slow burn utterly delicious. I'm not sure what I was expecting going into Even the Score but it wasn't this and I so appreciate how Beth Ehemann deviates from the cliche with her characters, instead giving them each their own individual journeys.

Brody, Viper and Andy have a friendship that is so solid, so authentic, so true, but they've each had to find their own way, fall in love in ways that felt true to their characters and Beth Ehemann gives that to them and to us in all of their stories. These books don't follow a formula, and these characters feel so real and so individual because of that. I loved Andy in ways I never did before upon opening this book. I came to love Danika so much even though she had initially felt so separate from the group I already knew and loved. While the romance takes a backseat at times to the dangerous, suspenseful element in this book, I was still completely immersed in this storyline.

The twists and turns are wholly expected without making the story feel completely over the top. The humor, the raw emotions, the angst and drama, the edge of your seat uncertainty, the unadulterated romance all culminate to make for a page turner that I thoroughly enjoyed. Mar 17, Denisa rated it liked it Shelves: This was one of those forgettable books.

The guy was a pretty weak character and unfortunately, the chick didn't compensate too much. Even the plot was pretty long and boring and skimmable. Everything was just so damn predictable! Jul 29, Cristina CristiinaReads rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC kindly provided for an honest review given by author and Netgalley Even The Score is the first book by Beth Ehermann that I have had the privileged to read and review for an honest review, and what a book it is! Even The Score is out for all readers on September 6th! This book slowly become one of my favorites due to the combination having a single dad of TWO as the male protagonist, and the equality of gender role jobs coming from the female protagonist.

Beth Ehemann did such an incr ARC kindly provided for an honest review given by author and Netgalley Even The Score is the first book by Beth Ehermann that I have had the privileged to read and review for an honest review, and what a book it is! Beth Ehemann did such an incredible job with there intense love story! The beginning concludes of the basic introductions of each character and their personal lives stories.

Even the score Synonyms, Even the score Antonyms |

Both, Andy and Danicka have their separate perspectives in each chapter, and both have individual issues that clash and destroy their capability of being together; including the fraternization that they hitted off at work The way he touches Dani that first night at the bar, keeping it professionally but at the same time lingering longer than he should, expresses the amount of attraction he has towards Dani. Which shouldn't be a surprised being that Danicka is described beautifully in this story.

The ironic part about their chemistry, is that they make you feel like they are two teenagers who just fell in love and are so giddy. It is absolutely so adorable reading it, when in reality they are two business partners whom should portray a straight face of sorts, but pop out the full giddiness in them when in private. As the summary already stated, there is something that hunts Dani and her work place, making her situation dangerous.

This is the climax point that kept me on my toes wanting to read more and more! Andy is such a great and fun father that he makes me jealous of such a criteria. He loves both his kids, Logan and Becca and Beth Ehemann portrays that in this story. His love and compassion he has towards them is thrilling to read. In general, this story was sweet and romantic. It has its twists and turns for a nice and at the same time, critial book!

Jan 03, Annika rated it really liked it Shelves: While I was looking forward to reading this book I'll be eager to read anything Beth Ehemann puts out, no matter what , I was also a little wary. I liked Andy well enough in the previous books, he seemed to be a great guy, but he also came across as rather boring and, I'll just say it as it is, a total wuss.

The way he let himself be treated by his bitchy now ex- wife really put me off. I'm happy to say, though, that Andy definitely managed to redeem himself in my eyes.

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He's become your typica While I was looking forward to reading this book I'll be eager to read anything Beth Ehemann puts out, no matter what , I was also a little wary. He's become your typical Beth Ehemann hero and considering that I've hopelessly fallen in love with all of her heroes so far, that's a huge compliment coming from me. Andy's a little more on the beta side than Brody and Viper were, but I didn't mind at all. I've always appreciated that Ehemann doesn't feel the need to write her male leads as primitive cavemen but as approachable, authentic guys that will melt your heart with their confidence, self-irony and adorable way with kids.

Andy is a gentle soul who still knows how to go after what he wants - the perfect blend if you ask me. I guess I've established clearly now that I really liked Andy. As for Dani, she was pretty amazing, too. While Andy set himself apart from the previous books' heroes by being a little "softer", Danicka was more confident and feisty than her fellow female leads Kacie and Michelle. I loved how she wouldn't put up with any bullshit but still let herself be vulnerable from time to time.

The story itself was a lot less emotionally charged than I'm used to from this author. It was a rather easy and light read with a little mystery side plot involving a stalker, and while I would have preferred the book to tug on my heartstrings just a little more, it was a welcome reprieve after the heavy book I read just before. I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times, especially when Brody, Viper and Andy and Justin, maybe a potential future hero?

Viper pinched his eyes shut and grimaced when he realized Logan was sitting right behind me. What did you do this time? Still, this wasn't a 5 star-read for me, just because I wasn't invested in this story as much as I would have liked. Also, the writing seemed a little off compared to Ehemann's other books: And again, the romance between Andy and Dani was extremely slow-moving, and while I really like slow-burns and didn't mind, I know lots of readers out there do. Still a one-click-buy author for me, though! I know, this review is not my most organized one, so sorry for that.

I just wrote down what came to my mind. Maybe I'll try and put it in some semblance of order sometime when I feel like it. Even the Score by Beth Ehemann 3 stars!! Having since been told that this book is a spin off from The Cranberry Inn series it seems I have my work cut out in catching up with this band of merry men. It was the synopsis that drew me into this book, having worked in sports management for most of my working life I am always intrigued to see if an author gets Even the Score by Beth Ehemann 3 stars!! It was the synopsis that drew me into this book, having worked in sports management for most of my working life I am always intrigued to see if an author gets it right and while sports management is mainly the back drop for this book what I did read rang true.

For me though this book was more a romantic suspense, a genre that I seem to be reading more and more of and it is the suspense element that more than ever seems to keep those pages turning. With this one however, I guessed from the off who the stalker was and while I was beside myself for getting it right, I then had the niggling thought, I never get it right so it must have been obvious. However, this was one swoony romance and who in their right mind can resist a single dad…there is something about them that gets my heart thumping and Andy more than stepped up to the plate.

Clients pay good money and expect a round the clock service. Andy realises that something has to give and one of his best friends comes up with the idea of him taking on a new agent to spread the load. It was easier to say she had the weekend off. A woman that made her success through sheer hard work and determination and was actually flourishing in a male dominated job. His first priority were his kids and his love life was the furthest thing from his mind. So you knew, that Danicka was something special from the off, she was the first woman that had turned his head and the first woman to make him want to take that first step since his ex-wife.

I like it under your wing. Go ahead, pull me in. You know what your heart feels and wants and what anyone else thinks can go to hell. The slow burn between these was tangible, I felt their connection, their hesitation, their reticence. I understood and I was just pleading with the pages to make them see the wood for the trees. The banter between Danicka and Andy and all the other characters in the book was fantastic and really made this a light hearted read in places which was a great balance to the suspense element. While I guessed who the perpetrator was, being made to wait till the end to see if I was correct was as exciting as it was frustrating.

While I guessed, my rationale behind my thoughts was totally different to the one presented and I did think that the reason given was a bit unbelievable. The kids in this book are adorable and the family unit as a whole was great to read about.

Definition of even the score

The kids were a huge part of this story and their thoughts and feelings always came first and foremost. I really enjoyed this book and as I said above I will definitely be checking out The Cranberry Inn series, it seems I have a lot more books to read. Nov 02, Juanita rated it liked it Shelves: This was my first book by this author.

Danicka is a stubborn woman but I understand her reasons. I need to read the other series connecting to this one Brody and Viper.

Toronto, Even the Score 1980

It would be fair to say that Andy has a crazy busy life. He is a very successful businessman, managing some incredibly talented professional sport stars. He is also pretty much solo parenting his two children after his marriage ended. His ex wife was someone he thought he would be with forever until the money he made got to be more important to her than the people in her life.

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  6. Andy is a forever kind of guy. When he falls in love with someone, he is all in. It was like that initially for him with It would be fair to say that Andy has a crazy busy life. This has not changed his views on marriage or relationships, he still believes in the happy ever after. Dating is not really on the daily spectrum for him. He just has no time for anything other than work and being a father. Actually, those seem to be the correct order of his priorities at the moment. He knows he is letting his kids down by not being more present, they spend more time with their nanny than him.

    He absolutely adores his children and he knows that he needs to make some huge changes to his time management. This is where Danicka Douglas comes into his life.

    even the score

    Andy appoints her as his new partner in his business. She is very driven, career focused and already has a proven track record with clients. The other bonus about having her working with him is that she is freaking gorgeous. The more time they spend together, Andy begins to see more of her inner beauty as well. The big question is, is it worth it to risk messing up what they already have together professionally for something more intimate that could just be fleeting thing? How can Andy convince Danicka that taking the leap with him may be the beginning of something amazing? I loved that Andy got to share his story.

    I could not stand his ex-wife when I read the Cranberry Inn series, she was nasty with a capital N. Both he and his kids deserved so much better. Every time I read a book written by Beth I am filled with contentment. She writes stories that are a true reflection of what I believe love between two people is all about, it is also is a testament to the love she has in her own life with her husband and children.

    I always feel that channelled through the pages of every story she writes. Jul 08, Irene rated it really liked it Shelves: The storyline kept me entertained and turning the pages. Andy and Danicka were likable, strong, stubborn and passion characters that took time to get to know each other while working together before giving into their feelings.

    I totally understood her reasons and while it didn't take anything away from my overall reading enjoyment I felt 4 stars I really enjoyed Even the Score. I totally understood her reasons and while it didn't take anything away from my overall reading enjoyment I felt I had to mention she was a character that took time to understand and like. I also enjoyed the secondary characters, they added to the storyline and the friendship between Andy and his friends Brody and Viper had me cracking up with their humor and antics.

    I need to go back and read Brody and Vipers books! Overall, Even the Score was a well written, entertaining and heartwarming read with great characters that will leave a smile on your face. Oct 03, Linda rated it liked it Shelves: