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I would without question want the adulting package the reason being two fold. One, I certainly benefit from reminders when I am slipping up and two, I travel to various households as part of my job where I find budding teens, full of potential and no direction. In these places I could certainly leave a book or two.

And now I want to learn how to make Bubble Tea at home too! Thanks Sexy Budget Community! Whomever wins the YNAB book: I promise it will change your financial life! These may a solid foundation but offer different perspectives. My husband died broke and with no insurance. It has taken me years of working 2 jobs 7 days a week to clear up my credit and try to prepare for retirement some day.

I also have a dream of having my own business. Thank you so much for your website and your sharing of financial knowledge. I would love Bundle 2 because budgeting is still such a struggle for me. I get ahead, and then fall 3 steps behind.

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These books will help kick my arse into gear! Plus, I love reading. Thanks for the consideration! Final reason, once Im done with the books, I want to spread the financial love to others struggling! Put me in the running for Bundle 2. Why did I pick this one? I have a something in my house, a new college graduate, who needs to read these books to get started out on the right foot. Let me know if you need any help with them as I help value and liquidate collections for people!

I have been a long time follower of your blog and have really enjoyed your unique approach to finances. It certainly makes finances easier and more fun for a something. Ironically, my husband and I only recently started following Dave Ramsey, but are now listening to his podcast everyday. We are working on knocking out through our mortgage early and I think the books in the the PF classics bundle would help provide the inspiration we need to maintain the pace we have set for the mortgage.

Haha… thanks for the kind words! I have been screwing it up lately. I need to get back to the basics before I fall too deep into the muck. J — what a fun week this has been! Thanks for introducing me to some new books — already started reading one personal finance book from the original bundle 1. To continue on my personal finance journey I would vote for bundle 1 today. Have a great weekend with fhe family. I als ohave never read suze orman and know that she is suppsoed to be great. Bundle 2 I am in my 30s and have become so passionate about financial literacy amongst women, particularly young women, I started a bi-weekly working lunch meeting at work where I get 20 women to talk about various aspects of finance planning and strategic spending.

I would love to share the bundle with my colleagues since it best represents where we all are in life, some single, engaged and married. We could then share the books at work to maximize learnings!!! For me, it has to be bundle 3 to help me recharge my coin collecting.

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  • I have several gold and old US coins that I started collecting years ago. The automatic millionaire book sounds awesome! I have been contemplating teaching an adulting class at the local community college as a side hustle. These would make good reference materials and a give away in class to pay your generous gift of these books forward.

    Book Bundle #2: The Adulting Package 😁

    I would love bundle number two! I have two boys, both in that age range, and both would greatly benefit from these. My elder has a second child on the way and the younger is getting married in about a year. They need all the help they can get to be sure they are working towards a freer future. No bundles for me I already got very lucky. In fact, when I browsed the titles I got excited. These are not only books whose subject matter is very applicable to my journey toward FIRE; but all of the authors I have tremendous respect for.

    I hardly win anything from playing Bingo, penny slot machine machines or sweepstakes. Make me the Winner! I would love bundle 1.

    Trying to put my kid through college without having him borrow while still trying to pay off my student loans is kind of ironic, especially since I worked in the university financial aid office for years. WTH thanks for your infinite money wisdom. Also, I just bought a condo with my love, and we both would like to get our ducks in a row and make sure we are on track financially after such a huge purchase. These books would help a lot. Found you blog earlier this week…. Thanks for the treasure trove of great info!

    Bundle 3 would be a second choice, as the husband and daughter are amateur collectors. And I already have folks in mind who to pass them on to. One being my baby sister, who starts pharmacy school in August. Those loans make ME anxious. Thanks for the recommendations! Many are now at the top of my to be read list. Have a great weekend! As a YNAB junkie bundle 2 is for me.

    Along with having an 18 year old starting college and a 15 year old starting his first summer of work, I hope to get them started off on the right track. Having the books to support what dad has to say will help with credibility… Maybe….

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    • Would love the Classic bundle! Life is like you can not take your foot off the accelerator right now. While cutting expenses we are trying to read as many books as possible! Anyway, think this is a great idea! No right or wrong answers here, except of course the one that is right for YOU. Jay loves talking about money, collecting coins, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his three beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at jmoney. Thanks for reading the blog! This is a hard one. More like a white belt, maybe a yellow. Such a tough call! Especially with all those ways to invest the cash!

      Totally different picture if you indeed go that route vs just sitting on it the whole time in which case it would be a total losing battle. For me it would depend on the type of debt. Ooh, good answer Brian! To me, this is a no brainer: The terms of the debt would be a massive factor in this.

      The terms of the debt would need to be pretty sweet for me to take on that much debt. I sort of feel hopeless. Debt Free is my dream….

      8 Guaranteed Ways to Get Rid of Debt Fast | Money Talks News

      My church leaders have preached about to importance of avoiding debt for the past years so this mentality has been engrained into my since birth. I also think that, knowing my personality, this would give me the greater net worth in the long term. But if I truly had nothing to fall back on in the case of an emergency I know that I would be extra hustling to make as much as possible to build that cash reserve as quick as possible, thus jumpstarting my net worth accumulation. So if I had equal amounts of money vs debt I clear the table and start over, assuming I was still alive the next day to start earning again.

      I went with option B, and would do it again. The thought of my actual current amount of debt suddenly ballooning up to five times its size would psychologically be too much for me to handle. Whereas the idea of starting back at zero fills me with excitement. Actually, come to think of it, either choice would be okay: I would go option B, in thr long run debt increaces at a higher rate than rated for savings, well at leats thats the dinamic here in my country, my husband and I save to pay our mortage in less than 10 years because 30 years later we would end up paying double the amount also having no debt is an empowering feeling, specially if you kill your own debt thought savings.

      Basically our case, you can save all over again. Paid off mortgage in 10 years is dope!!! I want the freedom of b…B…B!!! This is a wicked question, I always wanted to hear your views on something like this. I am in a similar position except my debt is not that high. Now I have more cash than debt. I managed my credit score so I could consolidate then into low interest loans. As I said it works for me. This is exactly the way I was going to rephrase it, as stolen from a certain debt-free guru.

      Giveaway Grand Finale! *12* Money Books!

      And with much lower interest rate! I would take option A assuming my debt was from a mortgage, in which case, I would be building equity on that side of the equation. Lucky for us, we bought our house in Austin, TX and have been fortunate to have never been upside down on our mortgage. It would be a must for me with this clean slate option to be able to change the game up and start saving now!

      My mind set is that saving for tomorrow is a fun game but to pay off debt just cannot be as fun! B-There is nothing like that debt free feeling! Wish I could bottle that stuff and just let people get a whiff of what that is like! Definitely option B for me. Debt stresses me out hello, all my rant-y posts about my mortgage! Option A seems like the best choice assuming no prepayment penalties on the debt.

      I would take the cash asset in Option A and use it to reduce the liability to a level that made sense based on my risk tolerance at the time. No lender would let me lever up that hard into a cash asset, and there would be some nasty transaction costs even if they did! Zero cash and zero debt for me. I simply would not sell my no debt situation that I have right now for any amount of money. Option A is sooooo much worse than option B. B is a clean slate and a fresh start.

      A good ground to start building from. Why would anyone want to be in a negative financial situation? Well, yeah — B is def. I knew this came out of the podcast! I was listening to this episode this morning while walking Mosby. This is a tricky one because I abhor debt with ever fiber of my being, but I rationally see the ROI in having cash on hand.

      Becoming Debt-Free

      It makes it harder to function, which makes it harder to keep on top of finances. On the other hand, two people with four chronic illnesses between them generate a lot of unexpected expenses. Having a back-up would be nice. I have family we could rely on in emergencies until we got ourselves some savings again.

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